Krea Case Study | Klarna Kosma
Krea Case Study | Klarna Kosma

Klarna Kosma & Krea Företagslån.

The perfect match for success.

Read about the successful union between Klarna Kosma and Krea and how Krea used Kosma’s Open Banking to increase loan applications by 28%.

About Krea:
The Krea platform facilitates digital loan applications across multiple lenders, with an intuitive comparison tool providing support for SME decision-making. They needed to improve the efficiency of the digital loan application process for their customers by providing accurate loan applicant data.

See how by connecting the Klarna Kosma Open Banking solution to the bank’s API, the lenders using Krea could instantly:

Gain a cost-effective, low-risk approach to assessing loan applications.
Gather bank data from the customer online banking interface.
Build a dynamic assessment of loan applications.
Analyze business performance with pinpoint accuracy.
Reduce manual processes.
Reduce over-conservative lending behavior.
Conduct loan assessment based on current financial situations.
Give lenders confidence in loan decision.

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Read the case study to find out how data democratization can improve financial access for business owners and achieve these financial results for yourself.